Photography 101: Warmth & light

I LOVE playing with light in my pictures… specifically, I love love love how the sunlight looks when I shoot directly into it… the slivers and dappled flares make me SO happy!

Sequoia flare

Big Sur flare

Joshua Tree sunrise 

Carmel sunset


backyard goldenhour with grape hyacinths 


Photo 101: Natural World

I LOVE nature. I always have. Going into nature, or bringing nature in, has an immediate effect on me on a deep level. It is simultaneously calming, energizing, inspiring and soothing.

Connecting to nature- either by going out into it (going for a walk around the block, getting my hands dirty in the garden, hiking in the foothills) or bringing it in (arranging fresh flowers in our living room, harvesting ripe tomatoes from the garden)- brings me immediate joy.


friendly blue damselfish in the Cook Islands


Big Sur (Pfeiffer state park)


I LOVE ranunculus 



summer farmers market haul!

Sunday stroll in the foothills


Photography 101: Big

Last July, my husband and I went to Sequoia to celebrate our 1- year wedding anniversary. To say that the trees there are “big” is an understatement… Towering, majestic, overwhelming, breathtaking, awe-inspiring, and otherworldly are more fitting adjectives.img_3027-1

Photography 101: Solitude 

I’ve always enjoyed solitude… I’m an extroverted introvert, so while I LOVE spending time with people I enjoy, I crave spacious quiet periodically. I suppose it’s not quite solitude, because I’m never actually alone- I have two rambunctious pups to keep me company, an endless stream of crafty “to-dos” and a full garden that always requires love and attention. I’m often alone, but rarely lonely.

making cards (actually, just procrastinating writing thank-you notes)

flying saucer squash!


pups keeping me company while I attempt to knit

Photography 101: Bliss

 I think the secret to a happy life is finding pockets of bliss hidden in the banal… It sounds cliche (“finding joy in the little things” is not exactly original), but I’ll be damned if it’s not effective. Here are some of my favorite, boring, everyday little snippets of bliss.

clean dishes: ultimate bliss


baby tomatoes & private rainbows


homemade chicken & waffles (and a very convincing furry face)


sunset hike in sequoia


backyard hammock living


Photography 101: Water

2014-07-20 11.34.17-1


2014-07-21 12.01.53


More honeymoon pictures! (is it cheating?)

Water… by far the most incredible thing about the Cook Islands was the crystal clear, strikingly blue water. With just a mask and snorkel we would spend hours exploring… Our days were essentially long snorkel excursions, punctuated by meals and naps. As southern CA natives, we’re used to snorkeling in frigid, choppy waters, surrounded by towering kelp forests. Suffice to say, we miss our Cook Island beaches.

2014-07-27 14.42.01-1

Hello, fishy friend!

Photography 101: Street Scene


I took this picture several years ago, in Rarotonga (Cook Islands), for our honeymoon. This particular morning I was suffering from some serious jet lag, as well as some serious tsunami nightmares, so I decided to get up and go for a jog. The main road around the island was full of potholes, which made for some bumpy bus rides, but gorgeous pictures!