Indy in the afternoon

Indy in the afternoon

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Angular.”

I took this picture almost exactly three years ago this week… I had just gotten into my master’s program, quit my desk job, and adopted a scruffy puppy from the pound. He was – and still is- a wiggly, mischievous, brilliant little friendbeast who makes my day every day.



Nearly wordless weekend

This was, perhaps, one of the most deeply satisfying weekends I’ve had all year. Nothing flashy or important happened, it was just deeply peaceful and joyous. We basked in the calm, cloudy, cozy hours… the perfect little hibernation before the Thanksgiving and Christmas whirlwind.

It started with a Saturday morning stroll in our backyard, appreciating the freshly watered roses and trying to get a “just right” picture of the morning light glinting through the droplets.

sprinklerdrops on roses

sprinklerdrops on roses

close enough to raindrops, right?

close enough to raindrops, right?

While putting the last few addresses on our wedding thank-yous, our dog Joni -who had, until Saturday, been completely clueless about how to “play” with toys (we adopted her from the pound last year as a 2 year old)- invented a hilarious and rowdy game of tackle and pounce soccer/hockey. It ended with her on her back, holding the tennis ball between her front paws and kicking wildly with her back legs. It was simultaneously pure magic and the weirdest thing I’ve seen her do to date.

Joni spots the target

Joni spots the target



getting ready to pounce...

getting ready to pounce…



Saturday concluded with a little backyard BBQ with a few friends… Carne asada and Apples to Apples by bonfire light. AND, the cutest little bundle of squirmy wonder. Look at those cheeks!! I die.

Baby is transfixed by Jon's mustache

Baby is transfixed by Jon’s mustache

Sunday flew by: church, a coffee date with Jon, a startlingly spiritual yoga class, “deep-cleaning” the office (well, Jon did that. I grocery shopped… they even out, right?).

We closed the weekend with a dinner of chicken soup over perfectly slurpy-chewy noodles with a side of sourdough for sopping, and two episodes of Parks and Rec. Warm, happy, silly and peaceful. Batteries= recharged.

serious comfort food

serious comfort food




Prompt: What is the one skill you see in other bloggers that you wish you had?


Some people- not just bloggers- have this amazing talent of turning any mundane thing into a story. Not just a story, a Story.

I don’t know how they do it! It’s amazing! I find myself retelling the most fantastic events- things that happen that are basically stories (with the whole arc thing, ect) that don’t even need editing- in the most flat, bland, boring way….

Like this: Once, we had a dog, and it ate a rock, and died.

THIS IS A TRUE STORY PEOPLE! A truly excellent story that requires little to no embellishment or exaggeration. It has drama, tragedy, comedy… and yet, I have never successfully delivered it. In fact, my repeatedly poor delivery has become somewhat of a “tag” among my friends group. Whenever someone tells a story that falls flat, another will inevitably chime in- “and then I ate a rock and died.”

So, all you talented tale-tellers, tell me your secrets!

Time warps

The “Daily Prompt” today is about “pace oddities” in our daily lives… Would I rather speed up a period of my day that normally drags? Or slow down a period that zips by?

There is about a three and a half hour gap in between when I leave my classroom and when my husband (Jon) gets home from work. These empty hours (minutes, really) crawl. And worse, they taunt me with everything else I should be doing- wedding thank you notes! last week’s laundry! preparing a spectacular and brilliant dinner! writing a novel! reading a novel!- I could accomplish SO MUCH AWESOME STUFF in this “short” time frame. Instead, I wallow in self-pity, listlessly moving clutter from pile to pile, or procrastinating all of the things by wandering aimlessly through the aisles of Target, buying more clutter to put into another pile. THESE HOURS. I would give almost anything* to be able to fast-forward through these hours.


I do a lot of playing with these guys too

However, there is another two-to three hour window of time that I would tinker with, if given the opportunity. Our evenings, when Jon does get home, fly by with a bizarre speed. We can unintentionally pass an hour of time while I’m standing at the stove (he sits at the kitchen table, one or both dogs on his lap), caramelizing onions and chatting about our days. Sharing our wins and challenges, revelations and utter non-sequiturs (“Hey babe, I think you weigh as much as a tank of gas in my car [enter mathematical calculation behind his revelation here]”) are invariably one of the highlights of my day. Even if we spend these hours curled up on the couch with our wolf-pack, watching silly/mindless TV and dozing off, these hours are unfairly fleeting.


why do cozy things have to end??


I am formally requesting a time-warp.



*except actually be a productive human, apparently. I’ve heard that tackling real-live tasks is a highly rewarding and time-consuming endeavor. Maybe I’ll try it one day.

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