Things I am Anxious About Right Now Vol. 1

I am pregnant (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) with our first child… I am also an inherently anxious person. So now, I fear all of the things. Here’s what’s freaking me out this week:

  1. Zika. We have the mosquito in parts of Southern CA… and there are travelers who have contracted the virus in other countries… it’s only a matter of time! dun dun dunnn.
  2. Rubella. I found out from my OB that I’m not immune to Rubella anymore (I had the vaccine, but now I’m old and it has worn off). Every coughing stranger looks like an undead zombie to me now. Especially children (ARE YOUR PARENTS ANTI VAXXERS?? TELL ME THE TRUTH).
  3. My Saturday night plans. My husband and I are going with one of his friends to a concert at the Hollywood Bowl. Which is great! Except nothing is planned, and I hate hate hate the crush of people exiting the Bowl, and the insane traffic leaving…
  4. My Sunday morning plans. We also have brunch with my husband’s family on Sunday morning… but brunch is tricky because (A) the restaurant they want to go to gets crazy busy (B) I’m not sure if they’ve made a reservation (C) my husband won’t let me make a reservation for them (D) I hate being hungry and waiting an hour for a table…using up all of my small-talk topics before we sit down.

Don’t you want to take me places and be friends? Maybe this is why I never have any plans….