To find a voice, you have to USE your voice

Photos from a recent trip to Joshua Tree   



I’m not sure what I want this space to be, but I know I won’t figure that out by ignoring it. I won’t find my “voice” by contemplating, I’ll only find it by using it.


So, here’s to being a little tone deaf, but singing anyways!  


2014-07-21 12.01.53     The weekly photo challenge at the Daily Prompt this week is “minimalism.” Jon and I went to the Cook Islands for our honeymoon… The Cook Islands are a 9 hour direct flight from LAX, and eons away from “real life.” Because of the remoteness of the islands, internet (wireless and *gasp* dial-up), phones and television were essentially nonexistent. It. was. heaven. It took some getting used to though… having a gorgeous meal without the ability to act on the impulse to instagram it, or surviving a rainy afternoon without the flickering distraction of blogs and forums and pinterest. We quickly discovered that distraction-free living suits us though. All I’ll ever need- two palm trees, a big hammock, the ocean, and my hammocking partner. Bliss. We get to go on another honeymoon on our anniversary, right?”