Habits… one of my favorite topics to research and talk about!

Do I have any bad habits that bring me pleasure? My bad habits tend to bring me angst, while my GOOD habits bring me pleasure.

A new, better habit that I’m trying to acquire is keeping my dining room table CLEAR of clutter… papers, highlighters, stray post-it notes, tape, and other un-categorizable odds and ends happen to make their way to my dining room table, and multiply with speed and tenacity. Some days I manage to clear the table, and keep it clear. I celebrate those days with a bright bouquet of fresh flowers… A clear table and a colorful bouquet is pure joy!


One thought on “Habits 

  1. Mel says:

    It does make me much happier to focus on my good habits (in which there are many, like morning yoga) vs. always berating myself for my bad habits.


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