Our NaBloPoMo prompt today is: Do you consider yourself a “professional” blogger? Why or why not? What does that mean to you?

In short: NO, I am not a “professional” blogger. Because I love to overanalyze all of the things, I consulted a dictionary.

Le grande Merriam Webster defines the word “professional” as:

  • relating to a job that requires special education, training, or skill
  • done or given by a person who works in a particular profession
  • paid to participate in a sport or activity 

Because tip-tapping this blog is not (1) related to anything that requires specific skills, (2) done by a person who works in the blogging profession, and (3) paid to participate in the sport/activity of blogging, I am most definitely not a professional. I just started this thing, and no one in their right mind would give me a dime for it. If someone offered, I would be extremely confused. I am content with my non-pro status, this is a “play” activity, and earnings only complicate that.

I had a whole paragraph typed out analyzing the quotations around the word “professional,” but I’ve deleted it because (1) I am tired (2) I have no real experience in this biz so my close, textual literary analysis is founded upon nothing.


IT IS ALMOST FRIDAY. And THAT, my friends, is reason enough to stop.



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