Adulthood is boring and terrible. GoldStar can help!

Write about an amazing imaginary brand or organization you’d love to work with.  

Does doing the dishes fill you with disdain? Hanging up laundry evoke hatred? idling in traffic, standing in lines, going to the dentist, waiting rooms (of all types), business meetings, thank you notes… How can anybody expect you to actually complete these terrible, horrible, thankless tasks without some sort of reward??



GoldStar (TM) has created an app that incentivizes the excruciating, mind-numbing minutiae of adulthood.  Download the free* app, select the dreaded task that you are required to perform, and select the “Gold Star” that will motivate you to work. When you have finished your heinous chore, simply scan the scene to notify our Star Squad, and receive your hard-won prize!

How about washing the dishes, followed by a sea salt-rosewater bath with a glass of champagne? Ironing your clothes, followed by a personal phone conversation with Oprah? Waiting in line at the post-office to return your impulse purchases, followed by a cuddle-fest with a dozen adorable baby animals?


I would do more chores if I could play with these guys afterwards

Wouldn’t you be so much more willing to do that chore in the future if you knew that your elbow-grease was earning you something? Wouldn’t life be so much more joyful?


We can all feel this joyful!

Adulthood is dull and thankless. Let GoldStar help you feel the way you deserve to feel: appreciated, satisfied, and energized.

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